Introducing Reality Invasion – An intense ARKit augmented reality iPhone arcade game


I just released the trailer for my iPhone game called Reality Invasion. It is an augmented reality video game that leverages Apple’s new ARKit technology. It is a unique, intense action arcade experience.

In the game, retro-style invaders attack you in real life. You dodge bullets by physically moving left or right or by ducking in real life. You pick up power-ups by touching the virtual object with your device. There's only one button: tap to shoot.

Reality Invasion is a true adrenaline rush. You will dart across the room, squat and jump to dodge bullets, and sprint forward to pick up power-ups. For the first time ever, you will break a sweat playing an iPhone arcade game. After clearing the first waves of invaders you will experience real life bullet hell.

- Leverages Apple’s new ARKit for a true augmented reality experience
- A totally new type of gameplay experience for iPhone users
- A variety of enemies and unique enemy bullet patterns
- Four power-ups that take advantage of the AR gameplay

Platform: iPhone 6s and above. An iPad version (universal app) is being planned.

Check out the trailer and the website at