Introducing Reality Invasion – An intense ARKit augmented reality iPhone arcade game


I just released the trailer for my iPhone game called Reality Invasion. It is an augmented reality video game that leverages Apple’s new ARKit technology. It is a unique, intense action arcade experience.

In the game, retro-style invaders attack you in real life. You dodge bullets by physically moving left or right or by ducking in real life. You pick up power-ups by touching the virtual object with your device. There's only one button: tap to shoot.

Reality Invasion is a true adrenaline rush. You will dart across the room, squat and jump to dodge bullets, and sprint forward to pick up power-ups. For the first time ever, you will break a sweat playing an iPhone arcade game. After clearing the first waves of invaders you will experience real life bullet hell.

- Leverages Apple’s new ARKit for a true augmented reality experience
- A totally new type of gameplay experience for iPhone users
- A variety of enemies and unique enemy bullet patterns
- Four power-ups that take advantage of the AR gameplay

Platform: iPhone 6s and above. An iPad version (universal app) is being planned.

Check out the trailer and the website at

What a popular little experiment

The last few days have been wild. Specter Spelunker Shrinks was really just supposed to be a prototype. I just wanted to experiment and get some feedback about the design. Boy, did I get feedback! Here’s some of the press and what people are saying:

The message is very clear: people like the concept. I have a ton of ideas for the full game but I have yet to decide what platform I’m going with or what exactly the scope will be. There are also many possibilities for how the gameplay might grow. Scaling works well when it’s put beside almost any other spatially related gameplay mechanic.

Originally posted on March 27, 2010.